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 Phishing by kenk124

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I do my banking online, but I have everything setup to automatically pay. I prefer to do that over autodrafting, where I give a company my bank info and they take it out monthly, I feel I have the control. I will have to check to see how much information my bank has on phishing, it will be interesting.
Where I work we have to take credit card and bank information over the phone for customers/members to pay on their accounts and we have to watch putting the info in notes. The customers/members will ask us to use the card or account we have on file but they can still dispute the charge – we have no signature.
I think the 3 digit pin number that the banks and credit card companies have started putting on the back of the cards are great, the only thing is if the card is physically stolen.
I think it is funny when you pull up to a drive up ATM machine and the passenager is standing outside the car doing the transaction, do they not trust the driver with their card for the couple of minutes they will have it to put it into the ATM and then the pin number to enter. The driver will not remember the card number because more then likely they are not even going to look at the card and for them to use it later they would have to have the card in their hand to your the pin number.
Have we become that bad of a society that we do not even trust our friends or relatives with a debit/ATM card for a couple of minutes even when we are sitting right beside them? I hope not, I give my boyfriend my card anytime at a gas pump so I do not have to pump the gas and give him the pin number too and he does the same if I am driving and we stop at his ATM for cash, he hands me the card and tells me his pin number and you know what I could not even tell you his pin number right now; we have done this at once a month.


Phishing isn’t only Grandpa’s favorite activity by andrew5952

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Thanks, for the information about OnGuard Online, this is the first time I have heard about that website. I did a paper on identity theft and did not see it.
I have 4 personal e-mail addresses plus my work one and only have problems with spam on one of my personal ones and my work e-mail. We have a great spam blocker/spyware system but they still get through at times. The one personal e-mail address I have the problem with is the one I give my friends to use when sending me an e-mail and I think a couple of them have had problems and that is why I get them at that address. The other 3 I have had no problems with, one is the address I use if I need to give an e-mail address for coupons from a resturant, my bills, stores or filling out a questionairre and have no problems with spam at that address.
I will have to pass along the e-mail address spam@uce.gov and the OnGuard Online website to our IT guy at work, if he does not already know about them.
Thanks, again for the information, it was very informing.

Cable vs Fios by young42 

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At least cable internet finally came to your area, it is only in select areas of Caroline, as is Verizon. When I stayed at my house all the time, right now I stay in Richmond more, I wanted to get cable I would say I started looking around 2002 after I moved into my house and they were not offering internet service. My house is in a large large community and I know as of January of this year digital cable was not even offered in the lake. It is, also, only offered in select areas. With Verizon you had to be within a 3 mile range of a Verizon sub-station (not a straight route but how the lines went) because if you went straight through the woods I was within the 3 mile range. So nothing was really offered there but DirectTV’s internet which I think the get from HughesNet. Trying to find internet service that is right or is offered where you are can be a pain. Hopefully, with everything changing for TV’s in February of 2009, they will finally be able to get cable internet in Lake Caroline.

 The cheaper way to keep in touch by angie79

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I was curious about VoIP, I really had not heard a lot about it. I did a little research and found Microsoft VoIp Software Solutions http://www.microsoft.com/uc/voipasyouare/default.aspx?WT.srch=1 and it says despite what we have heard you can keep the current hardware. It says to, also, keep the routers, gateways, the PBX, and the phones and to let VoIP software evolve around your telephony for future communications. Software-based VoIP will be the next generation for voice communications. Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 can manage real-time communications, suchas instant messaging, VoIP, audio and video conferencing. At this website you can even download a trial.
I may need to look more into this, it sounds interesting. We do a lot of phone time within a couple of departments in our office and I am not sure what type of phone service we have. I do know the name of the company, just not sure of this. We have what I call the company ghost, which we have also given a name, this ghost likes to disconnect us when we are on the phone. I am not sure if our IT person has looked into this service yet.


Help for those challenged by the road ways! by angie79

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I have thought about getting one, as I travel a little with my job. But once I have been to a place I can normally find my way back. I may not know my left from my right, especially when driving or giving directions, I am better with this way or that way. But I think having a GPS would be great when stuck in traffic on the interstate and not sure about the next exit, where it will lead me.
The one thing I have enjoyed about getting lost, is finding new ways to get to a place I already knew the location.
Now I can say, I wish I had one in 1983 when I drove to Richmond for the first time myself and took 95 and got off the Blvd the wrong way. I wanted to go to Broad Street and instead was heading back towards Hermitage and Lakeside Avenue; now that was an experience.
I have thought about buying one for my mom, then I think where does she go that she would need one.
I think that they are a great device and may have to look into one in the next couple of years.

New ERA of Software by kmaryland

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I will have to agree with you about web based software. Uploading to your own computer without CD always helps to, less things in the way around the house or office to be missed placed, lost, stolen and/or broken.

You said 1 month ago:

Sorry, I had to run out and did not get to finish my comment.
Security, is a must these days. Give software companies time and they will hopefully figure out a way to control that issue.

The expensive computer or the cheapest by har1eygur1

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That’s why I like to look more in the middle price range.

All-In-One Printers – The Pros and Cons by Julie Marshall

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I have a Dell All-In-One printer, also, I like the convenience of having the printer, fax, copier, and scanner at home. But I think the ink cartridges are to expensive, I can only get the cartridge for my printer from Dell at this time, OfficeMax has not started carrying the ones for my printer yet.
I, also, have problems with printing at times and I am not sure if it is a printer issue or a laptop issue. I will go to print and it will not print until I either do a shut down then turn the laptop back on or restart.
More employers are turning to an All-In-One, also, they are larger and companies are buying them as copiers. Where I work we have two copiers that can do all but not all employees use them. When printing letters it can be problems, they do better when used with plain white printer paper no problems with someone printing on what you are working on.

 Blackberry, baby! by kenk124

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OK, question, I will be looking into getting a new phone next year. The other day, I had to go to Verzion to get another battery put in my Crazer (I think that is what it is called – it is not the Razer) and I was looking at the phones and thinking about what I want to get next and I was thinking of their Blackberry is going to be what I want. I do not do a lot of texting now or internet browsing on my phone but I know in the future I may.
You mentioned in your post that the Blackberry can be used as a modem for a laptop, how does that work? Is it on the highspeed end or is it on the end like the verzion wireless aircard, which is what I am using now and can be a pain.



http://www.student.richmond.edu/~lb5hs/1index.html | lonnie.brown@richmond.edu |

I have been thinking about changing to Verizon fios for a while, because of the upload speeds they are advertising, would be so much faster then my “Standard” cable provider. If the commercials are true they reports competitive speeds and the upload speed is around 15mb, I currently get between 4-6mb with Comcast cable internet. I have wanted to try the Verizon service, but I would hate to commit to a 1 year contract if the service is not as fast as my current provider. I have a Linksys N router and my current provided limited the upload and download speeds, needless to say, my speed leave something to be desired. I think your post was very through and provided a lot of information.

From Which type of service do I choose?, 2008/09/29 at 2:04 AM


dmyoung1224@msn.com |

I like your comments about like or dislike using the restaurant reference. You are so right. We all have opinions. Both my kids want lap tops for Christmas, however they both want Mac Books. I know nothing about Mac’s so I am a little nervous about purchasing them. From everything I have read at least with Vista I will know how it operates. Maybe with a few bugs I can figure out.

From Mojave? What is it?, 2008/09/21 at 1:30 PM


wanda.nichols@richmond.edu |

That’s why I like to look more in the middle price range.

From The expensive computer or the cheapest, 2008/09/19 at 12:53 AM


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I’m actually in the market for a computer right now but for me, it’s about pricing. We have three computers in the house, not including the miscellaneous pieces in the attic and they are all messed up in the own special way. Two of them are over 7 years old and extremely slow and the other one is newer but also slow. I don’t think I would ever pay $6,000 for a computer. Less than $300 sounds great but because it’s so cheap, I would be nervous instead of satisfied with that purchase.

From The expensive computer or the cheapest, 2008/09/16 at 9:06 PM


kenneth.kingsbury@richmond.edu |

Harley’s are awesome pieces of machinery!!! Outside of maybe the Polaris Victory line (designed by Arlen and Cory Ness, a father and son team of famous custom bike builders)there is not another bike like them on the road today. There is absolutely no Japanese bike that compares to the feeling and sound of cruising on a Harley! As you know Harleygurl, they are a lot quieter when you’re in front of the pipes rather than behind them! I cannot wait to own my very own Harley as well!!

From The Hummer Limo Ride, 2008/09/13 at 3:49 PM


dmyoung1224@msn.com |

I saw that Limo on Route 60 in Powhatan yesterday it looks awesome. I have heard bike weeks are a blast, my sister-in-law goes to Nags Head and Myrtle Beach every year she will be going in a couple of weeks. She rides a softtail duce (I think that is the name).

From The Hummer Limo Ride, 2008/09/07 at 2:29 PM


What is Wikipeda and how did they come up with the name?  Wikipedia was created in 2001, as a free online encyclopedia created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.  Wikipedia grew rapidly and has become one of the largest reference Web sites.  The name Wikipedia comes from a combination of words and their meanings. 


Who writes the articles found on Wikipedia?  The authors of Wikipedia are volunteers from around the world and visitors who contribute to the articles, adding their personal knowledge.  There are no special qualifications to write or edit an article.  Anyone can edit a page but they can, also, become a registered user.  An article is edited by clicking on the “edit this page” link.  As long as a visiting author stays within Wikipedia’s editing policies and appropriate standards, they can add information, make cross-references or cite, within the article. 

Per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:About “Substandard or disputed information is subject to removal.”  If damage occurs while the author “visitor” is adding or improving information, they need not worry; there is always another editor “visitor” “author” there to advise and correct obvious errors.  The software was designed for reversals of mistakes.


Wikipedia’s popularity has never been in question, but some have speculated about the authority and creditability of the site.  Wikipedia admits to having errors.  Some who doubted the authority or creditability have tested the accuracy by using some destructive techniques, such as deliberately inserting errors; this testing has been criticized by Wikipedia.



Thomas Chesney’s article at http://www.firstmonday.org/Issues/issue11_11/chesney/  An empirical examination of Wikipedia’s credibility is a study that was done to examine the credibility of Wikipedia.  They asked a research staff of 258 to read an article and assess the articles creditability, the creditability of the author, and Wikipedia’s creditability.  The staff was given articles randomly to read and review.  The article they were given were articles of their own expertise or a random article.  They found that the articles were credible, but some articles contained a few mistakes (only 13%). 


In an article by Michael, dated December 15, 2005 at http://liblog.libraries.claremont.edu/archives/2005/12/15/wikipedia_a_credible_source.html he says to view articles content critically, since the content can be edited by any visitor on Wikipedia.  When a change is made to an article, the changes will be saved as previous versions; a visitor or user can compare the content of the current version with the previous ones.  The older versions are saved quickly, which helps reduce vandalism of an article.  Because any visitor can edit an article on Wikipedia, review the contents carefully making sure it is accrue and creditable.  Because you, as a visitor, will not know if the last visitor/author to edit was an expert or even knowledgeable of the topic you are reading.


Michael states that the best approach when using Wikipedia for research; would be to use Wikipedia as a starting point for your research.  To verify the accuracy of the article check and compare with other sources.  Use the information found on Wikipedia to further your research combined with other more creditable sources. 


A comparison between Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, found that a number of errors were found in both encyclopedias.  Forty-two entries were tested and there was no difference in the accuracy, an average science entry found in Wikipedia had about 4 errors and Britannica’s had about 3.


 In reading the articles I read on the credibility of Wikipedia, I would trust the articles, for research.  I would, also, use other sources for comparison and verify the information found, which should be done whether using an online source or a printed source for research.


I had never really used Wikipedia for research, and I am not sure why.  I think it was due to not knowing much about how it worked or exactly what it was.  After doing my research for this homework assignment I think I would use it more. 

Looking for a new internet service?  There are many internet companies to choose from now, more then a few years ago.  It can be a hard decision to make, some of the major companies that offer internet services are FiOS, Cable, Satellite and then the old way of dial-up.

FiOS Internet which is offered by Verizon is “High-Speed Fiber-Optic Broadband Internet”.  Businesses have used fiber-optic systems for telecommunications for many years before Verizon found a way to bring it into your home.  According to http://www22.verizon.com/content/ConsumerFiOS/ FiOS uses a hair-thin strand of fiber glass and laser generated lights to transmit data at high speed to your home.  FiOS offers speeds up to 50 Mbps to help upload/download pictures and movies fast. Their plans start at $42.99 a month with FREE installation.  OK, here is the catch; to receive FREE installation it is for your primary computer ONLY and you must sign a one-year agreement.  They do offer a month-to-month plan but the installation for that plan is NOT FREE there is a fee of $79.99.  You can, also, set up additional computers in your home during the initial installation for a fee of $89.99 for EACH additional computer. 

Does my computer meet the requirements for Verizon FiOS Internet Service; I have Windows Vista on my computer.  I would need a minimum system speed of 800 MHz for a 10 Mbps/2 Mbps or 20 Mbps/5 Mbps FiOS Speed package.  My RAM memory would need to be 512 MB, I would have to have an external media drive – DVD-ROM, 100 MB of free disk space, a Network Interface Card (NICO of 10/100 NIC and for wireless adapters USB or PCMCIA 802.11b/g.  But the recommended requirements are speed of 1 GHz, RAM memory of 1 GB, DVD-ROM for an external media drive, 1.5 GB of free disk space, 10/100 NIC and wireless adapters USB or PCMICA 802.11b/g.  I must first check to see if the service is available in my area.

If I choose to go with a satellite, there is HughesNet.  At HughesNet’s website http://www.satellitestarinternet.com/index.html?q=satellite+internet&gclid=CM3B0sKK-5UCFQwuHgoddCSHFA it says no more waiting, and no more phone lines.  HughesNet boosts speed and frees phone lines from Satellite Star.  Plus you can get HughesNet anywhere in the United States.  HughesNet is a satellite modem which will connect directly to my home computer, with a satellite dish outside my house.  The only requirement for HughesNet is purchasing the satellite modem (dish). 

The cost of HughesNet depends on which package I purchase.  They offer a lease or purchase option.  For the lease option their are 5 speeds Fast, Faster, Fastest, Turbo, and Extreme and the costs start at $69.98 this is includes a $9.99 monthly leasing fee; the fee for the extreme is $199.98 this price also includes the $9.99 leasing fee.  If I decided to purchase the equipment upfront the monthly costs would be less and there are 5 monthly plans for these packages as well, you have Home, Pro, ProPlus, Elite, and ElitePlus; to purchase the equipment and installation the costs is $299.98 after a $100.00 mail-in rebate PLUS a $50.00 Visa gift card when purchasing any of the 5 packages; the monthly charges start at $59.99 for the Home and $189.99 for the Elite.

Comparing the plans: with FiOS all plans include 24/7 live technical support, I would get 9 e-mail accounts, 10 MB for my own Web page, access to online entertainment, exclusive member discounts, choice of online services and I can add optional premium services.  All of HughesNet plans come with 24/7 live technical support, personalized start page, e-mail accounts (it does not say how many), e-mail defense (spam and virus filtering), and 24-month limited equipment warranty.

Which would I choose I do not know.  I would probably choose FiOS; at least if anything goes wrong Verizon should fix it, unless it is in my home.  With HughesNet the equipment only has a LIMITED 24-month warranty and we all know that if something goes wrong it is never what is covered under that LIMITED warranty and what is covered always breaks on the 25th month.

Right now I am using Verizon Wireless Internet service, this is basically a faster dial-up service which I like sometimes and sometimes I am ready to throw it out the window.  I wanted to get Comcast or FiOS at my home, which is in Lake Caroline in Caroline County, neither service offered in my area of Caroline.  I needed a wireless service that I could use anywhere, I am not always home, so I wanted a service that was not tied to a phone line or cable.  The only problem I find is that in the middle doing something online, like my class work, I will get disconnected.  This can be frustrating as it will take me longer to get the work done.  The thing I did like is the wireless USB card that can go anywhere.  The cost was about $60.00 with a 2-year contract and monthly charge which is about $60.00.  So I think I will stick with my Verizon wireless a little longer.


I did not hear about the Mojave Experiment, so I was curious as to what it was.  In reading about the Mojave Experiment at http://www.mojaveexperiment.com, I found it interesting.  I would not have thought of it having to do with Windows Vista.  Microsoft felt that the problems consumers were having with purchasing Windows Vista was in their heads.  So Microsoft came up with the Mojave Experiment, in the early part of July 2008, they did a blind study asking about 140 people what they thought of Windows Vista, and then they asked them if they would like to try “the next Microsoft Operating System”. 

According to the website   http://www.mojaveexperiment.com, “94% of respondents rated the “new operating system” higher than they initially rated Windows Vista and 0% of the respondents rated the “new operating system” lower than they initially rated Windows Vista before the demo.”  The rating for Windows Vista by these respondents prior to demo was 4.4, but after they viewed and tried the demo the score/rating went up 8.5.  Microsoft did a separate study with people already using Windows Vista and this is what they found “89% of existing Windows Vista users expressed satisfaction and 83% of existing Windows Vista users would recommend it to a friend or family member.”

At http://windowsvistablog.com/blogs/windowsvista/archive/2008/07/29/windows-mojave-video-posts.aspx a blog for Windows Vista, there is mixed reviews.  Some like Windows Vista whereas others still prefer Windows XP or what the operating system they have been using.  This is what person who has been using Windows Vista said on the blog, “Posted by Strujillo.jr So you say you didn’t give them a Geeked out PC, but if I where you I would have given them just the basic windows vista. Cause that’s what I have and it’s not the best OS on the block. I would rate it like a 4.0 cause it has ‘sudden stop and do nothing’ syndrome, that gets really really annoying when I’m trying to type out my Humanities Essay, so yeah, not such a great OS, I would have expected more from Microsoft. Sonny” From this I take it Sonny has Windows Vista and is not the happiest with it.  Here is another blog from the same site “Posted by john About time, Chris. Goes to show that a lot of the ‘issues’ with Windows Vista comes from unfounded FUD against Microsoft by biased IT media. Also, thanks for calling out the panderers at Forrester for their waffling.”  Looks to me like John likes Windows Vista and thinks that the IT media made their opinions in haste.

I, also, found this site http://wilshipley.com/blog/2008/07/mojave-experiment-bad-science-bad.html “Call me Fishmeal”.  From what I am reading on his blog is that he does not seem happy with much and that he may have an opinion about everything and wants to tell how he feels about it.  He does not like it when companies or TV try to hide what they are really advertising/testing for to go an opinion.

Word of mouth is not really a great way to market new software, trying it firsthand is the best marketing.  I purchased a new laptop computer from Dell in January or February of 2007, and I had Windows Vista installed at that time and remember people telling me I should wait to let Microsoft work the bugs out or saying they would not have it on their computer.  There are times that I get very frustrated with Windows Vista, not always sure if it is Windows Vista causing my problem or my laptop just being a pain, it freezes up on me and then sometimes shutting down it just does not want to do.  Like this morning, I did a shutdown around 10:30 am and was gone until almost 5:00 pm and when I got back the computer was still shutting down, so it had never completely shut down I had to turn the power off.  Other then these problems I will have to say I like Windows Vista and I think I was one of the early purchasers.

 I thought it was interesting that Microsoft came up with the Mojave Experiment to see what some people thought of the “new software”, actually Windows Vista.  I think the idea was good, the media only gives their opinion and people believe the negative or the positive whichever they are reading.  It is just like going to a restaurant, one person may love the food and think the service is great and another may go and think both are lousy, it is only their option.  Go try and judge it for yourself, make your our option not some else’s; then I will listen but I will still try it myself.

I found this other website http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-vista/discover/top-10-things-to-do.aspx that is “Discover Windows Vista: Top 10 things you can do with Windows Vista” that I thought looked interesting.  It goes over what Windows Vista can do, the top 10 things, to help you on your computer.

I decided to to compare computers on www.TigerDirect.com http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Category/category_slc.asp?Nav=|c:6||c:2627||c:2630|I viewed 2 computers, the CybertronPC Armor ARMV2QX965BK Gaming PC and the Acer Aspire AM 1100-B1410A Refurbished AMD Desktop PC. 

The CybertronPC Armor ARMV2QX965BK Gaming PC is listed for $5,999.99 and would be a good computer for someone into playing games on the computer.  The CybertronPC Armor can be purchased with either a dual video card system or a QUAD GPU powerhouse and will give the operator all the gaming power they want.  This desktop comes with an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 3.00 GHz Quad Core Processor, a 8192 MB (8GB) DDR II 800MHz PC6400 Memory, a 500GB 7,200 RPM SATA2 16MB Cache Hard Drive, and USB ports in the front and the rear.

The Acer Aspire AM 1100-B1410A Refurbished AMD Desktop PC is listed for $279.97, which was the cheapest desktop computer I could find.  Features of the Acer AM1100 are an AMD Athlon X2 BE-2350 2.1 GHz dual core processor, this processor saves energy by using 45 watts of power; and it has the AMD 690V + SB600 chipsets for multimedia qualilty on the motherboard.  This computer would be a great computer for someone looking for a computer mainly for the purpose of home entertainment.  This desktop can rip CDs and make CDs and DVDs.  It has front acessible audio and USB 2.0 ports.  This desktop would make working with digital photos and video easy.

These two desktops are very different and would be great for what they are each being sold for, but would they do well with what the other has to offer.  If I was in the market for a new desktop computer, I do not think I would purchase either of these computers I would try to find something that was more middle of the road.  When purchasing a computer it is best to purchase an external harddrive for media, due to the amount of space that this will take on a harddrive.  Also, when purchasing a new desktop, I would look for one with highspeed.

Taking a ride in the limo

Taking a ride in the limo